NBAII publications price list
Title of the Publications Amount (Rs.)
Management of the Sugarcane Woolly Aphid : A Success Story – DVD, 2009. 100/-
Biological Control of Rice Pests in Kerala – A Success Story – DVD, 2009 100/-
Biological Control of Weeds, 28pp, 2008 200/-
Biological Control of Coconut Black-Headed Caterpillar Opisina arenosella using Goniozus nephantidis and Cardiastethus exiguus, 14pp, 2008 100/-
Nucleopolyhedrovirus for the Biological Control of the Red Hairy Caterpillar – Amsacta albistriga, 24pp, 2007 50/-
Biological Suppression of insect pests of sugarcane, rice and pulses in the North eastern region, 43pp, 2006 150/-
Ganne Ka Uni Mahu Aur Uske Prakrutik Shatru Keet, 8pp, 2006 50/-
Current status of Biological Control of Plant Diseases using antagonistic organisms, 445 pp, 2006 350/-
Rearing of some lepidopterans on semi-synthetic diets, 20pp, 2006 100/-
Quarantine Procedures and Facilities for Biocontrol Agents, 117pp, 2004 450/-
Current Status of Research on Entomopathogenic Nematodes in India, 218pp, 2003 200/-
Old World bollworm Helicoverpa armigera, associated Heliothinae and their natural enemies, 135pp, 2002 150/-
*Production and use of nuclear polyhedrosis viruses of Spodoptera litura and Helicoverpa armigera, 12pp, 1998 50/-
Biological Suppression of Plant Diseases, Phytoparasitic Nematodes and Weeds, 284pp, 1998 250/-
A Catalogue of natural enemies and other insects in PDBC reference collection, 89 pp., 1997 150/-
*Production and use of Chrysopid Predators 14 pp., 1994 25/-
*Production and use of Trichogrammatid egg parasitoids, 16 pp., 1994 25/-
Chrysopids and Trichogrammatids, strain Selection and utilisation, 45 pp., 1994 75/-
Fifteen years of AICRP on Biological Control 320 pp., 1994 75/-
Trichogrammatids, 93 pp., 1994 60/-
Technology for production of natural enemies 221 pp., 1994 300/-
Leafhoppers and their natural enemies 65 pp., 1993 50/-
Indian Chrysopidae, 34 pp., 1992 50/-

* Also available in Hindi version

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