Trymalitis margarias Meyrick
Taxonomic position
Insecta: Lepidoptera: Tortricoidea: Tortricidae: Chlidanotinae
Common names
Sapodilla seed borer, sapota seed borer
Habitat / Crop(s) damaged
Sapota. The larvae attack immature fruits and it is difficult to distinguish between infested and uninfested fruits before emergence of larvae. Affected fruits show tiny exit holes. During the tunnelling process, the larva drags out the excreta from the seed to the pulp. The larvae emerge from the seeds after feeding on the cotyledons completely and prior to ripening of the fruit. Damaged fruits are frequented by small black ants. On exit, the larva cuts a leaf and folds it over to make a fine shell-like structure within which it pupates.
Pest status
An invasive pest, introduced into India probably from Sri Lanka a decade back.
eggs of Trymalitis margarias Trymalitis margarias pupa adult of Trymalitis margarias