Name of the Project PI & Co-PIs Date of Start Date of End
Biological Control of Colletotrichum Diseases of Chillies (ORP on Leaf Spot Diseases) Dr. B. Ramanujam 23/6/2009 31/3/2014
Effect of abiotic stresses on the natural enemies of crop pests Trichogramma Chrysoperla Trichoderma and Pseudomonas and mechanism of tolerance to these stresses Dr. S. K. Jalali 19/7/2008 31/3/2014
Microbial Control of Insect Pests-II (AMAAS project continued) Dr. B. Ramanujam 1/4/2007 31/3/2014
National Agricultural Bioinformatics Grid for Insect Domain Dr. M. Nagesh 31/3/2010 30/6/2014
Network Project on Insect Biosystematics-NBAII Dr. J. Poorani 9/4/2012 31/3/2014