Scientific name

Ormyrus orientalis Walker

Taxonomic position

Hymenoptera: Chalcidoidea: Ormyridae


Female: Body brilliant metallic green. Gaster strongly sclerotized and heavily sculptured with transverse rows of deep pits, apically narrowly produced. Antenna 13-segmented, antennal formula 11263. Fore wing with marginal vein much longer than postmarginal vein, postmarginal longer than stigmal. Hind coxa enlarged. Ovipositor not exserted.

Male: Coloration similar to female, gaster with deeper and more conspicuous pits, apically broadened.

Antenna  Antenna Antenna
Wing venation  Fore wing
male- abdomen Abdomen of male


female lateral view  adult  female-lateral view  Adult in profile Female - lateral view


India: Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Goa, Haryana, Karnataka, Kerala, Maharashtra, Punjab, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh. Eritrea. South Africa (Hayat, 2006).

Hosts / Biology

Parasitoids in galls of other insects, particularly Agromyzidae and other Diptera (Boucek, 1989). Commonly collected in association with tur pod fly, Melanagromyza obtusa (Malloch). It parasitizes the stem gall fly of siam weed, Cecidochares connexa Macquart, with the parasitism rates at times reaching over 60%.


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