1. ICAR-NBAIR celebrated the 67th Republic Day

  2. Successfully conducted one week training programme on "Recent Advances in Insect Bioinformatics and its applications in Pest Management" from 15th to 20th February, 2016 at ICAR-NBAIR

  3. ICAR-NBAIR organized field day @ Raichur for management of Tomato pinworm

  4. Insect and Insect Products Exhibition as part of "Make in India" initiative by ICAR – NBAIR on 27th and 28th February, 2016 for National Science Day

  5. ICAR-NBAIR celebrated National Science Day

  6. Successfully conducted One day workshop on "Nanotechnology in Agriculture: A focus on Insects and Insect Resources" on 19th March, 2016

  7. ITMU, ICAR-NBAIR successfully organised NBAIR-Industry Interface Meet-2016 with SBA

  8. Skipper- Hasora chromus (Cramer) in transient stage fluttering in and around Bangalore

  9. ICAR-NBAIR conducts the 20th RAC meeting on 06.05.2016 and releases ‘Pictorial Guide on Armoured Scales’

  10. XXV Annual Group meet of All India Co-ordinated Research project on Biological Control of Crop Pests at Visakhapatnam, on 17-18 May, 2016

  11. Secretary, DARE and Director General, ICAR lays the Foundation Stone for the Indian Agricultural Insect Museum and National Repository at ICAR-NBAIR, Bengaluru, on 20 May, 2016

  12. Dr.Prashanth Mohanraj takes over as Director-in-Charge of ICAR-NBAIR, Bengaluru

  13. International Day of Yoga Celebrated at ICAR-NBAIR, Bengaluru

  14. Dr. Chandish R. Ballal receives "Panjabrao Deshmukh Outstanding Women Scientist Award 2015"

  15. NBAIR Bags the outstanding ICAR Institute award 2015

  16. Dr.Chandish R. Ballal takes over as Director ICAR-NBAIR on 18th of July 2016

  17. Brainstorming on "Access and Exchange of Insect Germplasm Resources" at NBAIR conducted on 23rd July, 2016

  18. Infusing Science Instincts in Young minds – 2016

  19. ICAR-NBAIR Celebrates 70th Independence Day

  20. "Hindi Chetna Maas" inaugurated on 14th September at ICAR-NBAIR

  21. ICAR-NBAIR celebrated Foundation Day on 21st September

  22. Swachhta Campaign was organized on 2nd October at ICAR-NBAIR

  23. Gandhi Jayanti and Swachhta Campaign was initiated at ICAR-NBAIR Yelahanka Campus

  24. Capacity Building Program on "Advances and innovations in promotion and utilization of microbials for biological control of crop pests" from December 14-24, 2016

  25. Farmers’ Field Day on “Adoption of Biocontrol Technologies” was held at Fatehpur on October 13th

  26. "Hindi Chetna Maas" was celebrated from 14th September to 13th October

  27. "Rashtriya Ekta Diwas” & “Vigilance Awareness Week” observed at ICAR-NBAIR, Yelahanka Campus

  28. Vigilance Awareness week was observed from 31th October to 5th November 2016

  29. “Rashtriya Ekta Diwas” and “Vigilance Awareness Week” observed at ICAR – NBAIR

  30. NBAIR scientists hold awareness campaign among farmers on the biological control of Bihar Hairy caterpillar attacking potato crop

  31. ICAR-NBAIR Swatchta Pakhwara Report

  32. Pest Alert: A new invasive threatening coconut in India

  33. ICAR-NBAIR participated in Northern Regional Agriculture Fair "Krishi Kumbh - 2016"

  34. Delhi Declaration on Agrobiodiversity Management

  35. Delhi Declaration on Agrobiodiversity Management - Hindi

  36. Information on NBAIR published in Biocontrol News

  37. Video depicting farmer’s response to spraying of NBAIR-BT formulation on Pigeonpea in Gulbarga

  38. ICAR-NBAIR celebrated Kannada Rajyotsava on 20thDecember

  39. ICAR-NBAIR Empowering Tribal Farming community in Araku valley